Turns Out I’m An Alien

Read on for the school pupil's review of 'Turns Out I'm An Alien' by Lou Treleaven. Julia, a Year 6 pupil, from Ospringe Church of England Primary School in Faversham, came away with the message that 'no matter what you look like, be yourself'. What is the book about? 'This book is about a normal (or… Continue reading Turns Out I’m An Alien


My First Book of Quantum Physics

'My First Book of Quantum Physics' is another great non-fiction book published by Button Books, aimed at children aged 8+. This book is written by Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón and illustrated by Eduard Altarriba. James from Ospringe Primary School, in Faversham, wrote the following review... What is the book about? 'Teaching kids about the quantum world through… Continue reading My First Book of Quantum Physics

Stone Underpants

Stone Underpants is a funny picture book by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson. Isabelle from Ospringe Primary School in Faversham wrote the following review. What is the book about? 'This book is about a young stone age boy called Pod, who is determined to find the perfect pair of underpants to warm his bottom.… Continue reading Stone Underpants