‘Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors’

Dino-Wars-Rise-of-the-Raptors-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG - smallerThe Year 6 pupils from OSPRINGE CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL in Faversham, Kent enjoyed reading and reviewing ‘Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors’, written by Dan Metcalf and illustrated by Aaron Blecha.

It is published by Maverick Publishing and is the first of a four book series. The pupils thought it was ACTION PACKED!

 Tell us about the book…

‘The book is called ‘Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors and it is by Dan Metcalf.’  

Pupil, year 6

‘The book is about genetically engineered dinosaurs who can talk. There is a connection to JURASSIC PARK because they are genetically modified dinosaurs just like the ones in Jurassic Park.’

Pupil, year 6

‘It is about a boy called Adam who goes on a quest with his sister Chloe, his dinosaur friend Dag… and any other friends they make, to get four Dilotron Crystals to STOP a chemical weapon.’

Pupil, year 6


Pupil, year 6

‘All the children have to find all Dilotron crystals to SAVE THE WORLD.’

Pupil, year 6

‘The book ‘starts off quite slow……. but becomes an ACTION FILLED ROLLERCOASTER.’

Pupil, year 6

 What was your favourite part?







‘The part where they knock out the raptors.’

Pupil, year 6

‘My favourite part was near the end with Lord Stryder (King of Raptors) when he tries to execute Adam and his friends, as it was an ACTION PACKED moment with quick thinking.’


Pupil, year 6

Who would enjoy this book?

‘If you like dinosaurs, you will love this book.’

Pupil, year 6



Pupil, year 6

(Book supplied by the publisher to be reviewed. The review copy was donated to the school)


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