small adorabullThe Year 1 (aged 5-6) and Year 2 pupils (aged 6-7) from OSPRINGE CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL in Faversham enjoyed sharing and reviewing ‘Adorabull’, written by Alison Donald and illustrated by Alex Willmore.

This picture book is published by Maverick Publishing.

The children thought it was great that it was about caring and that it was SURPRISING!


What is the book about?

‘A boy called Tom and a bull who wanted to be adorable.’  

‘Loving, being friends and sharing. Being nice and caring.’

‘A child that goes to school and the bull has to wait. The boy said when he got back he said I want an adorable animal.’  

‘A bull called Alfred and a boy called Tom and they are best friends. They can’t be separated.’ 


Click here to view more artwork inspired from reading the story!





‘A bull and a kid and they are good friends. He wants to get a kitten for the bull to play with.’  

‘A bull called Alfred. He was sad because his friend, Tom went to school. Tom got him a new friend it was a kitten.’


Who would enjoy this book?


If you like farms and animals.’

‘This book would be good for all ages or who have an interest in animals or farms.’  

‘Everyone who likes animal will buy this book’

‘4-8 And if they like bulls.’


Would you recommend this book?

All the pupils agreed they would recommend this book!


‘Because it’s funny when the bull gets a new hairdo.’

Yes, because it is very surprising because you think he wants a pet for him but he wants a pet for his bull.’  

‘I would because then more people can learn about loving and caring for each other.’

‘Because it is a good story and it is an exciting story.’

‘I will recommend the book because I like kittens.’

‘Because I like the book’

‘Because it’s about friendship.’


The pupils would recommend Adorabull because it was:

‘Really good.’ Wonderful.’ ‘Brilliant.’ ‘Excellent.’ 

 Click here to view our artwork page!

* (Book supplied by the publisher to be reviewed. The review copy was donated to the school)


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