Stone Underpants

Stone-Underpants-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEGStone Underpants is a funny picture book by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson.

Isabelle from Ospringe Primary School in Faversham wrote the following review.

What is the book about?
‘This book is about a young stone age boy called Pod, who is determined to find the perfect pair of underpants to warm his bottom. So, Pod set out on his journey to make his underpants.’

Who would like this book?
‘I think children age 4-8 would like this book because it is a lot of fun to read. I think that the adventures in the story would really hook the children into wanting to read more.’


Why do you like this book?
‘I like this book because it’s fun and humorous. I like that he is so determined to find the perfect pair of underpants. Overall I think it’s a great book for young children.’

Who is your favourite character?
‘My favourite character was Pod because he was very adventurous and fun and his choice of fabric was extremely strange.’

How would you rate this book?

5 stars

* (Book supplied by the publisher to be reviewed. The review copy was donated to the school)

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