Game of Stones

Game-of-Stones-Temp-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG-780x794Daisy from Ospringe Primary School, in Faversham thought ‘Game of Stones’ by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson was ‘filled with adventure and thrill’.

‘This book is about two brothers trying to make the best game ever. They love each day to be filled with thrill. They are determined for the game to be great but end up making a mess.

I liked that the brothers were best friends and liked the play on words with ‘Stone Hinge’ so it’s named after Pod’s little brother. I liked the way they renamed things we have today slightly differently. I liked the part when they use ‘crackit’ as a play on words for cricket.

My favourite character was Pod because he tried doing everything to make his little brother amused. 


Teamwork was the message in this book. Trying by yourself is ok but when everybody helps out it works much better.

I think young children would read this because there is lots of pictures so they can understand the book.’


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